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RABA art 

They are worlds under glass, closed jars where life flows without even being aware of being trapped. Worlds in part made of water, where the stillness of the sea is broken by massive icebergs, a symbol of the human mind whose dark part (the submerged one) is yet to be discovered. The man rarely appears in these compositions, it is the viewer who has to imagine everyday life or the stories within these microcosms full of details. The compositions are loaded with symbols remaining painting of Bosch dense plots full of curious elements typical of the international Gothic style, but emptied by the spirit of their time to celebrate a new, modern and contemporary sacredness. The architectural geometries contrast with the precise and poetic nuance of the sky and the result is an elegant balance that unites chromaticism.

The new pictorial cycle of Raba combines aspects of his previous production with greater and deeper attention to the concept. Made of mixed technique and acrylic, the works tell the identity of this world inside a glass bottle. Raba is an urban painter, he can not renounce the skyline that is dear to him and congenial since he has worked in urban concepts for years. His cities are colored with new elements, designed, studied, and very well made, which are natural and artificial at the same time.

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