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Event Planner.

With meticulous attention to detail, we gracefully handle every facet of event management. From scouting impeccable locations to crafting event branding, coordinating culinary delights, and curating enchanting music stages, we compose every ingredient into a masterpiece.

Furthermore, our expertise embraces content creation, encompassing photography, videography, and print materials. We're also adept at revolutionary 3D mapping, magically turning surfaces into captivating visual spectacles.

Allow us to embrace your event holistically, ensuring a seamless and indelible journey from inception to applause.

 Event Branding & Social Media Management

Old Fashion Club Festival, a highlight of Zuri Fascht 2023, showcased our comprehensive event crafting—from branding to dynamic social media and content creation.


We managed real-time video reels over 3 days, curated the street food area creating great results. Thanks Old Fashion Bar that featured a crazy lineup and having with pleasure of booking as main act, Black Coffee, an international Afro Dj that made the day unforgettable.

Corporate Event

Our project was thoughtfully crafted with the aim of delivering a truly memorable experience for our event guests. We ensured every aspect was attentively considered, from the elegant branding and captivating stage video content to the classic and sophisticated ambiance.


The Lake Side venue in Zurich, offering breathtaking lake views, served as the perfect location for this successful evening that exceeded all expectations.


Old Fashion Bar

We took utmost care in managing every aspect of the event's branding, carefully organizing the location, curating an impressive stage design, and selecting a stunning 3D mapping projection with custom-made videos. Additionally, we skillfully handled live streams and content creation for social media, ensuring a vibrant online presence.

The event unfolded in the picturesque garden of the Old Fashion Bar, thoughtfully transformed for the Züri Fäscht.

The result was two unforgettable days, brimming with enchantment and wonder!


Electrodorf 1/2/3 Editions
Dörflifäscht Zürich

Through a collaborative partnership with Giovanni Melis, we brought to life the brand "Electrodorf" and successfully organized a three-year music event in the vibrant Graue Gasse Square.

This annual extravaganza, in collaboration with various party organizers, attracted thousands of guests, creating a memorable three-day celebration. Our diverse lineup of artists kept the energy high, complemented by a spectacular 20-meter 3D mapping projection on the square's facade.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated team for their invaluable contributions in making this event a resounding success.

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