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Video Productions

We expertly manage an array of video productions, ranging from conceptualizing commercials to product shoots and crafting engaging social content.

Our team curates productions for events of varying scales, ensuring every creation emanates excellence and captivates audiences, whether for grand spectacles or intimate gatherings.

honesto Best of


With honesto as Art Director with Sandro Guebeli we are developing the best Branding and Video Content mixing several techniques like 3D and creating Formats for You Tube.


Exhibition with Rafael Dos Santos​

SILENCE is our third photo exhibition that we are creating with the intention of bringing digital photos back into real life, creating prints and developing gallery exhibitions to reconnect in person by seeing photography in real life. With Rafael Dos Santos, this Artistic Partnership was born where we try to express our Art and surpass ourselves each time with something new, creative, and innovative. This last Exhibition was a huge effort and production, with a big 3d Mapping and a pool reflection effect. We have exhibited at the Fame Gallery in Zurich, and will soon develop the new one. A big thanks to the Team that make it happen. The past exhibitions were Lines on Girls and Source of Light. 


Video Social Content

In collaboration with Rafael Dos Santos, we developed short videos for Mollerus' socials that reflected their style and brand. It was a pleasure to collaborate with them and the brand is very trendy and the quality of the product is excellent.

One day with Kilian Zenhder

Skate session​

I had the pleasure of making a video of one of Kilian's skate sessions, it's been a long time since I filmed a skater and we tried a new technique with a 360* camera, the result is very interesting.

Old Fashion Bar

Branding, Content Creation, Social Managing, Merchandising. ​

We took care of the content creation for Old Fashion Bar and managed the Branding and socials, taking care of every detail and creating high-quality material. We also developed merch and organized the ABOOVE event for Zurifasch. We Developed an App for making Reservations at the restaurant with NASSA Studio. Old Fashion Bar is the first Bar opened in Zurich in 1886.

Cook it Like Giò

With Chef Giovanni Melis, we created Cook it like Giò, a cooking format where Giovanni creates delicious recipes using raw materials sourced from local producers with delicious food. We created with two seasons with more than 20 episodes. Visit the site and enjoy the recipes.


Dorflifashct / Graue Gasse

By partnering with Giovanni Melis, we created the Brand Electrodorf where for three years we organized the music event in the Graue Gasse square for the annual Dorflifascht.


It was an annual event where we collaborated with different Party Organizers, having thousands of guests during the three-day celebration. We had a varied line-up and were enriched by a huge 3D mapping in the facade of the square, about 20 meters big.

Thanks to the team for making it possible.

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