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We cherry-pick projects that resonate with growth ambitions, building a foundation of trust for mutual elevation. Our attention to detail, creativity, and boundless passion is the heart of our craft. With every plan in place, we're geared up to bring the extraordinary to life.

Old Fashion Club Festival

We had the pleasure of contributing to the development of Old Fashion Club Festival, where we managed marketing, social media, and event branding. This event, held at Zuri Fascht 2023, brought together the best in electronic music, culture, and entertainment. Our team ensured real-time social media updates with live video production, keeping the festival spirit alive online. We also presented the festival's 'Best Of' video, capturing the most memorable moments. DJ Black Coffee's electrifying performance was just one highlight of this unforgettable 3-day Zurich celebration.

Omar Hassan - Punctum - Palermo - Palazzo Reale

We take pride in our collaboration with artist Omar Hassan, showcasing his remarkable talent at Palazzo Reale in Palermo. The exhibition, meticulously installed, reflected Omar's years of experience and his status as one of Italy's leading young modern artists. Our video production captured the essence of this monumental event, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the world of art and creativity - Spot

We developed this project with Sandro Guebeli, Creative Director of The idea was to show the similarities between two different users of the app, one sporty and dynamic and the other a more relaxed businessman, all developed with a split screen. It was not easy but the result was perfect.

Non Konformer 

This company specializes in 3D prints and much more related to decorations and special prints. The studio is very fascinating and they have developed some stunning products.

Omar Hassan Arte

Omar Hassan is an Italian artist with his famous works 'Luci' and 'Breaking Thought' and is known worldwide. With this video, he presents his work "Comignoli" at Lake Orta, where he has created a lot of curiosity by adding a touch of curiosity to the location.

Recent  Projects

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